PerTronix Ignition

PerTronix Brand of Ignition Products

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I change the length of the Ignitor™ wires?  
  2. Can I mount the Flame-Thrower coil sideways or upside down?  
  3. Can I run a MSD box or other CD unit with the Ignitor™ or Flame-Thrower Billet distributor ? How do I hook it up?  
  4. Can I static time the Ignitor Ignition  
  5. Does PerTronix make kits for unique or custom applications?  
  6. How difficult is it to install an Ignitor™ conversion kit?  
  7. How do I check my coils resistance?  
  8. How do I properly check my power and grounds.  
  9. How do I test a negative ground Ignitor module?  
  10. How do I wire the Ignitor or Ignitor II ignition system to my Porsche CD ignition box?  
  11. I can't find my application in your Catalog / Application Guide?  
  12. Is the Ignitor™ a "universal" electronic ignition conversion?  
  13. My tachometer is not functioning or is inaccurate after installing the Ignition system.  
  14. Since I have installed the Ignitor™ the engine won’t start. What can I check?  
  15. What applications are covered with the PerTronix Flame-Thrower™ coils?  
  16. What is the warranty on PerTronix products.  
  17. What should I gap the spark plugs to?  
  18. What should the module air gap be?  
  19. What type of applications can the Ignitor™ be used in?  
  20. What type of gear is supplied on Flame-Thrower distributors.  
  21. What type of spark plug wires can I use with your Ignition system  
  22. What will happen if I leave the ignition switch on when the engine is not running?  
  23. Will the Ignitor™ work with the shift interrupter on an OMC stern drive boat?  

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