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Why does the starter click but it does not turn over?
When starting your bike, if you just get a "click" when you hit the starter button don't let your first act to be removing the starter and boxing it up. When you get it back you'll probably have the same problem!

The first thing you want to do is ISOLATE a possible power feed problem. It might just be a weak battery, relay or handle bar switch giving you the trouble. To check this this make yourself a jumper wire directly from the battery (+) to the SMALL terminal on the starter where the relay hooks up. Make sure the bike is in neutral, your probably going to hear your bike turn over! So now what? Start back tracking and look for resistance in the circuit. the culprit is usually a worn Bosch relay, but that's OK they're cheap and easy to replace. Sometimes it's just a loose connector or corroded battery cables (Pos. or Neg. either end) Again, it's not enough to have 12 VDC at the starter you need at least, 10vdc/@ 35 amp loaded!

Another good rule is to check your battery's voltage while the bike is sitting still, it should read about 12.5 volts. While holding the starter button down if battery voltage falls below 5.6 volts, your battery probably has a bad cell, and by the way jumping the battery with another one will be useless as the shorted cell will NOT let the new extra amperage pass through it. If you feel the need to try another battery, disconnect the old one first.

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