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What type of spark plug wires can I use with your Ignition system
Its very important to verify that your spark plug wires are compatible with the ignition system, or any on-board electronics in general. Solid core wires have a copper or stainless steel conductor and generate excessive Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). This EMI can create confusion with electronics and ultimately damage them. With all PerTronix ignitions we recommend that a suppression style spark plug wire (also called carbon core) be used. The suppression wires do an excellent job of controlling the EMI with no degradation to the ignition performance.

If, you don't know how to identify the type of wire on the engine. Here's a articular written by our friends at Hot Rod Network showing pictures of the different wires. It should help with figuring out the spark plug wire being used on your engine. Keep in mind PerTronix ignitions need carbon-suppression, or spiral-wound wire:

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