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Can I run a MSD box or other CD unit with the Ignitorâ„¢ or Flame-Thrower Billet distributor ? How do I hook it up?
Our Ignitor and Ignitor II electronic ignition systems and Flame-Thrower distributors are compatible with most capacitive discharge boxes.  Only Ignitor III electronic conversions and Ignitor III equipped Flame-Thrower distributors cannot be used with other company's CD systems. The Ignitor III can be used with our Digital HP CD box. 
Wiring for these Ignition boxes typically follows the instructions for point type ignitions. The red Ignitor module wire should be connected to a 12V ignition power source.  The attached diagram applies to MSD 6 series ignitions.

Attachments: msd6series.pdf (32.6 kb) 

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